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Wow!Cacao Collections

Bonbons by Birmingham Chocolate

Our Wow! Cacao Bonbons are comprised of fun and creative combinations of flavors and textures. These bonbons are hand-crafted in very small batches according to our own recipes. We only use natural food ingredients. The couverture is dark chocolate. Truffles should be consumed by the best-by date - six months after production. Dark chocolate truffles. Perfect gift chocolate!

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Dýr Chocolates by Manya & Roumen

Dýr ("animal" in Old Norse) Chocolates are homages to the animal kingdom inspired by flora and fauna from around the world; designed by Manya & Roumen.

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Essence of the Hawaiian Spirit by Pono Chocolate

"Life is Ono when you live Pono".

This simple statement which means “life is delicious when you live right” captures our philosophy at Pono Chocolate. Our delicious recipes make life a little sweeter. Our ingredients are reminiscent of our Hawaiian paradise. Blessings are a sacred tradition - Ingredients are blessed by our Kahuna which carries a true Hawaiian blessing to you. A portion of each sale is donated to Hawaiian charities.

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